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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Just When You Least Expect It

Just when you least expect it, God's amazing ability to impact others through our actions, leaves me breathless. I guess it might help if I back up the story a little bit.

I was talking to a friend last Sunday about an idea I had to bless the parents of the babies we take care of every other week. It was something little but something that had been on my heart for a few weeks. She agreed it was a good idea, so I passed it along to our team leader. Our team leader liked the idea too and shared it with our whole team. Then it snowballed! In less than a week, it was passed along and implemented with the entire preschool team.

It's been less than 24 hours. Lives have already been impacted. I almost cried when our team leader told me this morning. How beautiful is God to use us when we share our hearts with others. Something that could have had a small impact on a few people, God has now magnified and used to bless many more families than I could ever imagine. Stepping out in faith with what I thought was something as simple as a classroom supply has lead to something much greater. I'm in awe, I'm humbled, I'm left speechless.

It really reminds me of the lyrics from a song called The Greatness of Our God. "No sky contains, no doubt restrains all you are, the greatness of our God." You can't put God it a box. He's bigger than the box, bigger than the universe. The little whispers that He puts into our hearts that give us ways to express God's love to others are not simply suggestions, they are actions. When we underestimate the power of these actions we underestimate or doubt the power of God. I learned a beautiful lesson today in how great God really is.

What has God put on your heart lately to show His love to others? I urge you to take action on that whisper today. And who knows, maybe something wonderful will happen...just when you least expect it!