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Friday, January 7, 2011

My Radio is My GPS

I know this is going to sound really silly to some of you, but my radio is my GPS. I still have my trusty Garmin but in one certain circumstance, we get some news we don't always want to hear via the radio. Let me explain.

It all started many years ago when my husband & I lived in Jackson Mississippi. Our church hosted a group of teens from Florida & we agreed to let some of them stay at our house. Over the next week we heard a song, repeatedly, that they would be performing at the end of the VBS. It was called "Every Move I Make". We heard it so many times that we would laugh every time we heard it. We were sad when the teens left to go back home to FL but we knew we would think of them every time we heard that song. Little did we know that the song would take on new meaning for us over the next few months.

Major changes had happened job wise a few months before our visitors. My husband lost his job and took another job he didn't really like but it paid the bills until he could find the job he really wanted. It was not an ideal situation but we made the most of it. He started applying for jobs again and we hoped for the best. The teens came & left, weeks passed. Then all of a sudden both of us kept hearing the song again, in different vehicles, at different times of the day. We would joke about it, "maybe God wants us to leave Mississippi". It no longer became a joke when a few days later, my husband got called for a job interview in Philadelphia. He ended up getting the job & in 2 weeks, he was in Philly working at his new job while I packed up in Jackson.

We heard the song again a little over a year later while we were living in Philly. In another few weeks, he was in a new job in a new city. This time it was Minneapolis. We were renting, and had been looking at houses but couldn't find one that we loved. We started hearing the song again a few months before our daughter turned one. We ended up buying a new house & moving a little over a month later. Then surprisingly, we heard the song again 16 months later. Major changes were happening at my husband's job again, this time a merger. His position would be redundant in the new company and he would most likely lose his job. He had already started looking but we had no progress, that is until we heard the song again.

The cogs started to move quickly at that point. We prayed about it again this time and we both came to the conclusion that we needed to decide where we wanted to move, then find a job there. We unanimously agreed on moving back to Texas. We loved living in DFW before and our agreement proved that it was were we should be. He interviewed, got the job, and soon I was on an plane to find a place to live because the move needed to take place in a few weeks. We've been here, in the same house we've been renting for the last 2 1/2 years.

A few days ago, my husband called me to tell me he heard the song on the radio. Today, I heard the song followed by Chris Tomlin's "I Will Follow". If the past events still hold true, this is our sign that we'll be moving again. I would love to expand on this and tell you about all of the crazy wonderful things that are going on right now but alas, I am under a proverbial gag order on the subject. (see Proverbs 14:1) So far, our GPS has gotten us exactly where we need to be. I have faith that this time it will be no different.

For your listening enjoyment, I've put videos of the 2 songs I mentioned on my blog. Enjoy!


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