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Monday, February 23, 2009

It's That Time of Year Again!

Today is the day of the year that I dread every time it rolls around. Like clockwork, I spend a month or two procrastinating. And then, when I really can't wait any longer, I finally sit down with my bulging file folder and stare at my computer screen for hours on end. By the end of the day...if I manage to finish, I usually have a monstrous headache and a little less hair on my head and a few more gray hairs to add to my every growing collection.

This year it will be a little easier. My wonderful, adoring husband took a vacation day from work to spend "Daddy - Daughter" day with our 2 year old. I'm really not sure what they're planning to do but it will make my day a lot less stressful to have my attention a little more focused on the task at hand.

I really need to start...so with that I bid you goodbye...
I'm off to do my taxes!


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