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Thursday, April 14, 2011

What Happens at Cabelas...Stays at Cabelas

What happens at Cabelas, stays at Cabelas...that is unless your mother is a scrapbooker!

One fine day we went to Cabelas with the grandparents to "feed the fish" and "see the animals". Then we saw a bunch of "stuffies". Those are stuffed animals for those of you who don't speak Emmanese. She picked up the opossum and the rest is photographic history. I'm thinking that these might go into the collection of photos I'm saving to embarass her when she's a teenager.

The kit is Live Out Loud by Mommyish. The font is My Own Topher by Kevin & Amanda.


Anonymous said...

It is great fun taking Emma to Cabellas! She definitely got the creative gene from you. Tutu

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